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Introducing the Mark 2 of the Honda NC750 Seat Adapter

It is said that Necessity is the mother of invention

well after trying to ride a 2021 Honda NC750X for more than an hour, There was severe pain in the buttocks and crotch area and some remedy was definitely necessary.

After some further research, it turned out to be a common complaint among NC owners on the owner’s groups online so in July of 2021 we set out to tackle the issue and make our lives as NC owners better.

The problem is two-fold, firstly the stock seat is very thin on padding at the front of the saddle and secondly the seat slopes forwards so over time the rider is pulled forward by gravity onto the unpadded part of the seat leading to the very uncomfortable riding experience

There were two possible solutions that leapt to mind: 

  1. Replace the seat with an expensive aftermarket model 
  2. Lift the front of the saddle up so you stay seated at the rear end of the seat where the padding is thicker.

Option number 1 wasn’t a viable, But 2 had potential

A search through Youtube and Google provided confirmation that indeed lifting the saddle up would provide some relief from the aching backside after an hour on the move but most solutions were homemade and involved a lot of metal bending and welding etc which is great if you happen to have a workshop handy but not so much for the average rider like myself who might want to buy a kit.

So we set about designing a means to level the seat pan that can be fitted in 10 minutes using simple tools that any rider would expect to have around their home or garage such as a 10mm spanner or a socket set. 

What resulted was the Kirkby Printed Creations Honda Seat Adapter that would lift the seat at the front by 20mm and provide a stable platform for the rubber legs under the saddle to rest on, Without the pull forwards to the front of the bike we were able to stay on the thicker padding which meant we could ride for longer without discomfort. By supplying it as a Kit with all the fixings required any rider can be up and running in ten minutes with minimal fuss and you don’t need to be a tools wizard to fit.

A year on now and many of these units shipping out worldwide making a huge difference to the NC riding community we were able to take the feedback on the original and improve upon the design so we are happy to announce the new Mk2. 

The mark 2 is even stronger with a wider pad and change in shape giving a stronger more stable platform when fitted under the front of the saddle. 

By taking advantage of the change in the shape of the pads we were able to rotate the adapter during the 3D printing production process to increase the amount of strength in the bar that holds down the tab on the saddle this now leads to a more secure fitment to help with the longevity of the product

Photos of the new Mk2 can be seen here in our store:


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