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These are just a selection of Current creations, while we primarily manufacture custom pieces for vehicles, We're not adverse to tackling something a little more fanciful right down to the practical and mundane.

If it can be imagined and it can be drawn it can be printed!

Contact us if you have any questions or wish to discuss a creative idea.

No Cupholders - No Problem

Audi TT 8N Coupe & Roadster

Designed to reflect the curvy body of the Audi TT8N, These Cup holders slot conveniently between the front seats into the unused Utility tray.

Providing a Dual holder for the Coupe and SIngle for the Roadster.

These cup holders look the business and are modelled not to obstruct the existing controls or E-Brake.

Please note these are not suitable for vehicles with Audi Built-In Navigation.

Available in our online store

No Cupholders - No Problem

Audi A3 & S3 8P 

Designed to slot into the existing coin tray on the centre console beside the hand brake.

Providing a Dual or Single Cup for free access to the 12v/Cigarette lighter.

These cup holders are modelled not to obstruct the existing controls or E-Brake.

These units slide to fit and sit above the Aux socket (if fitted) within the tray slot.

Available in our online store

Car Upgrade

Vehicle Identification Number Covers

Sadly VAG models of a certain age tend to have an unsightly perspex window over the VIN stamp which has either crumbled away or gone cloudy.

Now you can cover the stamp and protect your frame from the elements with our custom made to order VIN covers. Embossed with the Vehicle's VIN and Model and where available the Manufacturer Logo.

Current models available include:

Audi TT 8N, A3 & S3

VW Golf, Jetta & Bora

Seat Leon, Cupra & Cupra R

Available in our online store

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