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About Us – Kirkby Printed Creations

Kirkby Printed Creations was founded in 2020 at the height of the Global Covid 19 Pandemic we turned the lockdown into an opportunity to achieve something positive.

With close ties to the MK1TTOC community, we started to produce a range of 3d printed vehicle accessories for the Audi TT. What had started as a hobby became something far more than what you see today.

With a passion for the car scene from an early age and a love of a vintage vehicle that sometimes needs a little help modernising or adding features missed at the factory.

Audi TT mk1 armrest
Dual Cup with Arm Rest Audi TT mk1

Our most popular products proved to be cup holders across most of the VW Audi Group and arm rests.

Our range is constantly expanding as we are always looking to add to the creations we can offer to you. We’re always happy to receive constructive feedback and suggestions for which model to tackle next.

To that end, we have expanded from just VAG vehicles to include Nissan, Peugeot, Fiat and even a range of Motorcycles.

We are now planning to expand the range with items to solve problems around the home, In the garage, and for hobbies and pastimes.

Fiat 500 Cup Holder
Cupra R Topmost Covers
Fitted Gauge Mount With Custom Gearstick
Audi Q3 Storage Tray In Use
TT Single Cupholder
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