Wireless LAN Setup


Wireless and Cabled LAN Installation

With more and more devices in the home requiring internet access its rapidly becoming a neccessity to have broadband in the home and an absolute essential for business.


But its never as easy as opening a box and it all works just like magic.


There are a myriad of different security protocols such as WEP, WPA & WPA2 to negotiate with 802.11b,g and n Wifi networks.


It can be a balancing act to get a happy medium between speed security and ease of use.

Unfortunately if you have a mix of devices the network always has to cater for the lowest supported standard.


For example a 2 year old android smartphone may only have 802.11b standards but an Iphone 5 Supports 802.11n. There doesn't sound like there's a great deal of difference between the two but the N denotes the network speed would be up to ten times faster.



And the same can be said for wired networks, although the connections all look the same the speed differences can be staggering. Speeds range from 10mbps - 1000mbps


Both Wired and Wireless or a mix of the two both require properly planning to optimise the speed you can achieve over a robust and secure connection.


Wired networks will always be faster than Wifi at least with today's technology, but Wifi can get you access in other rooms without the need for running cables if only there was a way to make a compromise.


Well there is its called Ethernet of Power or EOP also known as Powerline.

It sends data packets over the wiring already used to supply your mains sockets and can make a handy bridge between wired and Wifi network access.


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