Upgrading your Kit


Upgrading Your Kit, Making the most of what you already have..


Have you decided your PC/Mac is too slow or have you run out of space?


Well don't just give up on that computer and buy a new one there's many ways you can upgrade your current machine to give it a new lease of life.


With the advent of the latest operating systems the need for lots of Memory (RAM) is at the forefront of their requirements and needs to be at the top of your upgrade shopping list.


We can obtain RAM for most machines and can help you select the very best match for your model of computer.



After RAM on your wishlist should come a new hard drive. Once again there are many different types with different physical dimensions and connections.


Size isn't everything as speed of access should always be a factor in your decision. We can help guide you to the right match for right drive and at the right price.


Got your Phone and DSL Router in the living Room but have a PC in another room upstairs?

Why not fit a Wifi card and save running cables around your house. Take advantage of the cables you already have inside the walls and run your data across your mains cabling, yes you really can run a data network across your electrical sockets with no detrimental effects.


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