Disaster Recovery & Prevention

Backing Up & Making Archives

Having a backup of all your files & folders is essential these days, an unwelcome virus or a hardware failure could take out all your stuff in one go.


There is an old industry adage "It's not will my hard drive fail but WHEN will my hard drive fail?"


It's a fact of life hard drives in modern computers only have a finite operational lifespan. Particularly in laptops that get some rough handling the heads can eventually slip and damage the platters inside.


It's always best to do prevention rather than the cure so taking regular backups is an essential.

We can help you get started on a backup routine and can recommend several different solutions and for those one time backups we can help you backup or archive onto removeable media or optical disc.


Virus Removal & Malware

It can happen to the best of use, you get a file from what you believed was a trusted source or Visit a website thats been compromised without your knowledge and the next thing you know your machine is slow and unresponsive and your internet traffic has jumped significantly.


These are classic signs that your computer has an unwelcome guest setting up residence inside your computer.


Having Antivirus and Anti Malware software installed is an absolute must, if you don't have any you need to get some right away.


However thats not a guarantee theat you'll never get infected! Antivirus software is only effective if you use it! and if you keep it up to date.


Virus makers evolve almost as fast as they become detectable so choice of antivirus software needs to include an element of auto update and automatic scanning of all files and websites.


We can advise you on the best products to choose from so drop us a line before it happens.




If you already have an unwelcome guest its not too late.....


call us right away we can still save you.


We can isolate your files and transfer them to a clean machine where they can be disinfected or quarantined while your machine is cleaned or rebuilt.